Rumor Mill

I live in a really, REALLY small town and teach at an equally small school. It’s probably not surprising, then, that our area lives and breathes on gossip. Everyone knows everyone and most will say anything. Someone you don’t like? Somehow, only bad things about them get passed around. Love someone? You’ll defend them no matter what accusations come. It’s a very common thing, this gossip, and for the most part I find it absolutely sickening. Especially when the words of ADULTS finds a way to hurt my students. Continue reading



Author’s Note: I was inspired to write tonight, so I sat down and created this short story for you. I wanted to see if I could write the entire thing in 60 minutes, and I seem to have succeeded. However, I haven’t edited it yet, so please forgive any errors and make sure to tell me about them.  Enjoy!

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Will Progress Always Be Built On Top of the Dead?

I’m tired of our enlightenment being built upon the bones of the dead.

I’m tired of living in a world where we only seem to take action after tragedy and then as the pain fades away so does our resolution. I’m tired of our “forward progress” being made by the result of hatred rather than the desire for something better. I’m tired of looking at history and knowing that our greatest movements were paid for in the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. And I’m tired of wondering if it will always be that way.  Continue reading

Product of A Bygone Era

Sometimes I get the feeling that I was born during the wrong time period. I feel like the things I’m good at no longer really have a place in this society, and I’m keenly aware that society only cares about you if you’re able to add something to to the overall sum of what we are. I’m actually not complaining about that, because it makes complete sense to me. If my sole talent was that I could burp “Amazing Grace” then it wouldn’t surprise me to be unemployed. That’s not the problem. The problem is… I’m really weird. Continue reading

Things My Father Taught Me

I’m sitting in my father’s house for the first time in a while. Looking around, it’s easy to see so many things that have always been present in my life. It’s easy to look back on the parts of growing up that made me who I am today. The things that molded me. Strengthened me.

I don’t know how much of my current personality is natural and how much is a direct result of my upbringing, but looking around it’s easy to remember the things that my father taught me. Continue reading