Want to Rant about Muslims? Fine. Let’s Go.

I have a request for everyone in the universe:


Alright? Is that too difficult? Are the words too large or the demand too confusing?

Let’s break some stuff down:

I’m tired of people labeling and hating people of Faith because of the (albeit horrible) actions of those who claim to do things “in the name of ________.”

Christians are not evil just because a small number of them carry crazy horrible signs and scream crazy horrible words. It doesn’t surprise me that people in other countries have started referring to Westboro Baptists as “American Christians.” If you’re Christian and you take offense to that, then good. Because that means you’re smart enough to realize that the loud, screaming people don’t necessarily represent all  of the people who believe in your faith– they just happen to be the ones that everyone else sees. And that should piss you off. A couple of asshats should NOT be allowed to color the perception of an entire culture.  By being the loudest (and the scariest), a small group of Christians has been able to give the impression that they represent the MAJORITY of Christians–and that should make a lot of people very angry.

That being said, Muslims ARE NOT evil because of the people that blow up buildings. Stop giving the smaller, crazier sect more power than they have by labeling millions of people with their deeds. Yes, the people that blow up buildings or cars or each other are evil and horrible, but they’re only a small percentage of an overall population. They are no more a definite portrayal of all Muslims than Dominoes is a representation of all Pizza. You want to scream about horrible deeds done in the name of religion? Look up the Crusades and then be really damned careful about the number of mirrors in your hallway before you throw that stone.

I don’t know if you’ve read the Quran. I don’t know if you’ve read the Bible. I don’t really care either way, because I’ve done both and I’m going to let you in on a little secret: the Bible and the Quran are both books filled with stories. And a lot of the time they’re the same freakin’ stories. Some Americans seem to be under the impression that the religions are totally and infinitely different, but they sure as Hell aren’t willing to back up those claims by reading the book they’re trying to burn. If you start burning the Quran you’re going to be burning stories of Abraham, Noah, and–wait for it– Jesus Christ.

Now, I know that the Bible and the Quran are not the same book. I’m not claiming they are. But both are wonderful pages filled with thought-invoking poetry and beautiful imagery. Both are also filled with vengeance and blood and anger. So don’t start just yelling and judging others out of ignorance. There’s a reason that many people in other countries are under the impression that we’re all dumb as shit over here– because the dumbest and the shittiest also happen to to be the loudest a lot of the time.

So, if you’re one of the (what I hope is) the Silent Majority and you understand that a religion does not make a man evil any more than a man makes a religion evil, then PLEASE stop being quiet about it. Stop letting the actions of the racist and hate-filled color the perceptions people have on the rest of us.

Ignorance never fades silently into the night. It must be dragged out by its hair, kicking and screaming.

So start dragging it into the light and illuminate its big, ugly face. We live in a world where almost anything we could ever want to learn about or educate ourselves on is just a mouse click away. Ignorance is no longer an excuse. And racism should never have been one to begin with.


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