Warriors’ Eyes

I found this poem while I was searching for a pen. I must have written it when I first met my husband. It’s not my best work, and some of the rhyming is forced, but I was tickled enough by it that I thought I would share. 🙂

Warriors’ Eyes

For how long, My Warrior, have you fought alone?

Wandering aimlessly with no place to call home?

For how long, Dear Warrior, have your eyes lacked their luster

As you plodded on with only the strength you could muster?

Believe me, My Warrior, that I’ve been there too.

Oh the stories to tell of fires walked through!

But we made it, My Champion, to this hill we now own.

And for once in our lives, we need not fight alone.

But prepare yourself warrior. Ready your axe.

We’ve yet to face Earth’s cruelest attacks.

But we’ll stand together. We’ll face them head-on.

And we’ll still be smiling at tomorrow’s bright dawn.

Imagine, My Warrior, the steel in our eyes

As you swing your axe and my sword flies.

They’ll claw their way up, these beasts we must humble.

As steel-grey clouds swirl and deep thunders rumble.

They’ll come at us, Warrior, and claw their way higher.

And our eyes will smolder with lightning and fire.

We’ve fought forever as half a pair.

Our exposed backs set against open air.

But we fought our way past them without a shield brother.

And made it to this point. Now we may lean on each other.

So, press your back against mine and raise your axe higher!

We’ll show these bastards the true meaning of “fighter.”

Because you and I battle for more than the fight.

And we win because we wield more than just might.

We fight for our honor, and above that our pride.

We refuse to lose. We refuse to die.

So bring it on, world! Send us your worst!

And we’ll shove them back to their holes in the earth!

Imagine them, Warrior, this honorless hoarde

And watch crimson blood paint your axe and my sword.

Our bodies might drip with slick rain and blood

But theirs will only sink into dark, lifeless mud.

They’ll fall before us, their bodies broken!

Their lips still parted with last words unspoken.

And we’ll rise against them, in triumph screaming

Our ferocious eyes like weapons gleaming.

So raise your axe, Warrior. Let them hear your roar!

Our foes’ insides will paint the floor!

They’ve tried to beat us, to make us kneel.

Like dogs expecting their masters to hell.

Let’s humble them, Warrior, if they so want to fight.

Let’s watch them crumble. See your Valkyrie in flight!

We’ve fought like lions to claim this hill

And at the end of the day, it will be ours still.

We’ll strike down whoever threatens our home.

And we’ll do it with eyes like fire and stone.

Can you see it, My Warrior? The battle and glory?

Can you think of another who dares to match our story?

So set your back against mine and raise your axe higher.

We’ll face them with eyes like steel and fire!


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