Someone Tried to Rob Me Today

Someone tried to take my purse while I was at Walmart today. I smacked them with the broom I happened to be putting into my trunk at the time. It turns out that I deal with thieves the same way that I deal with threatening dogs (fitting analogy if you ask me). Continue reading


Accusations, Meet Response

Not too long ago I posted Willfully Ignorant. I’m actually pretty happy with that particular rant, so if you haven’t read it yet, you may want to glance at it before reading further.

Anyway, after posting, I eventually got this letter through a series of private tweets. I’m pretty impressed that this particular person decided to write through Twitter (which is not the easiest thing to do) rather than e-mailing me or posting a comment on the blog itself. As such, I’m assuming they want to remain anonymous, and I will honor that.  I will not, however, respond to them using Twitter (partially because I’m lazy and don’t want to have to break it up into 140 character blocks). So… here’s the message and my response. Enjoy. Continue reading

Faith: What I *Really* Trust

I realized today that maybe I am addressing my faith incorrectly. I have always said that I am Christian. I have faith in good and evil, in justice and in the strength that one gets from belief. I believe in the concept of morality and law, and I understand that our concepts of these things are set in ancient traditions. I believe that the Bible has many wonderful things in it (bad things too, but I look at these more as a sign of societal evolution than as unalterable fact). I have many of the qualities of a Christian. But I fail at being a Christian because of one core concept, and I realize that now. Continue reading