So… What’s Your Blog About?

Sometimes people ask me “What is your blog about? Your topics jump around so much. Is it about anything and everything?”

Answer: My blog is about anything but certainly not everything.

I have a lot of ideas in my head. All the time. But I’m actually pretty selective on what I write about here. I really only write about things if 1) it’s important to me and 2) If I feel like other people can benefit from new ideas on whatever subject I’m discussing. That might sound pretty arrogant, but I’m a rather arrogant individual. It is my blog, after all.. And what’s the point of putting your ideas out into the world if no one is able to benefit from it?

Now, here’s the other thing about this blog: As much as it is for other people, it is most certainly also for meYou see, I have a goal in my head– and that’s to look back on this blog someday and see how I’ve changed over the years. And I know, someday, I will see that the things I chose not to discuss were as indicative of my personality as the things I wrote pages and pages on. That’s the thing about us as people– we change. A lot. Constantly. And while we are aware of the differences from ten years ago, we all kind of just assume that the things that are important to us now will be important to us in the future. We often think that we’re amazing as-are, and that the things that will improve about our lives are not necessarily our personalities or dreams. So I want to be able to look back in ten years and see exactly what is different. I know that If I had started a blog when I was 15, none of the things in it would necessarily apply anymore, and I kind of want to see if that’s true of the me  I am now.  (If you’re interested about what kind of things I want to see from my future self Read: Hopefully, I’ll think I’m Stupid).

As of now, it looks like the things that are important to me are Questions an Fears about my life, Politics, and Growing Up. And, while those things are reflections about myself and the thoughts in my head, I feel like they can also benefit other people (either by showing some that they’re not alone in their questions, or others who are certain about life that there are still questions to be asked). This blog was always supposed to be a place for discussion. Maybe discussions with myself, sometimes, but a discussion nonetheless. Which is why I love seeing other people’s opinions, their responses, and their comments. I love knowing that we’re so amazing and complex, that we can all have a million different ideas surrounding one topic, and discussing those things can only make the human collective better as a whole. Sometimes my posts incite anger or push buttons, but I believe full-heartedly that it’s completely necessary to be angry sometimes.

Change does not come from contentment. That’s true about the world, and about myself. So this blog is to incite change. To force myself to be something better than I was yesterday by looking at why I think as I do. Why I believe what I believe. Why I am who I am. And because I question things constantly, whether it’s religion, politics, virtue, society, dreams… anything, I am able to stand more firmly by the things I DO believe, because I have examined them at every angle. No one makes me uncomfortable with their questions, because I have already asked, evaluated, and answered them for myself. I think that the only reason people avoid others because of their opinions or lifestyles is because they, themselves, have avoided truly looking at their own, and are afraid that someone with a different view might be able to shake the resolution on which their life is founded. So, as much as this blog is for me to shake my own foundations, it is there to do the same for others. There are a lot of questions worth asking and nothing is gained from being silent.

What’s YOUR blog about? What do you write about, and (more importantly) how do you decide what is worthy of being on your blog? Who do you write for? And if it’s only for yourself, then why put it on the internet for everyone to see? I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts!


15 thoughts on “So… What’s Your Blog About?

  1. My blog is just a mashup of science news, custom ponies, and writing updates. The writing updates are for me, but the science news and custom ponies are for anyone who enjoys them 🙂 There isn’t much serious discussion going on in my neck of the woods, unless someone comments about one of the science news articles.

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    • Good for you! I think one of the best ways to grow and develop as a person is through self-reflection. If you’re like me, self-reflection is easiest through writing. I look forward to looking through your posts! Maybe we’ll grow together. 🙂


  2. I love this post! My blog is the insane and sometime rational rantings of a mother and wife dealing with massive unemployment, grown children and a little boy. You can find me at
    I hope to see you soon 🙂


  3. Nice to meet you,
    I found your blog through Harsh Reality and I am glad that I did. I love how you describe what your blog will be about. I blog about my journey to a healthy and happy life and inspiring others along the way.


  4. Nutsrok is about the foibles of my family, friends, and other unsuspecting interesting people I stumble across. I love sharing anecdotes. I love to laugh, even at myself. I believe life is precious and people are mostly good. I am an optimist.


  5. Since you asked, I have two blogs, connected to each other, but not. The first is about perspective and how it changes things. I have this ability, or sometimes I think it is a curse, of looking at things from multiple perspectives at the same time. I am strong in my opinions and beliefs, but I also open to changing them with new information, so I guess about being open minded as well. The second blog is a place for me to tell “my story”, hopefully so that it will help someone else that is in a place I was in. As with you, they are both for myself as well.
    I really like the title of your post “Hopefully, I’ll think I’m stupid.” That is great way to look at it. I will have to get around to reading that post. Thanks, Triple.


    • I think it’s smart for you to have two blogs. Mine gets filled with basically anything I’m thinking about, and is kind of a jumbled mess. Sometimes I wonder if I should have a professional blog and a personal one… but then I remember that I’m incredibly lazy. haha!

      Thanks for posting. Your posts are always insightful and entertaining. I look forward to continue reading!

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