You Can’t Even Touch Me

I am invincible. I have stood on mountains of my own making, built and scaled in the name of what I could be. What I am. I have lived lives you would not dream of, screamed in the face of whatever reality has tried to lower me to standards that are less than worthy, and defeated foes that tried so desperately to crush me in a million ways. I have stomped down on anything that was beneath me and made myself greater than what was expected. I am the rock that withstands fires, the tree that withstands floods, and the soul that withstands whatever baseless and basic slings that you would throw at me. I have overcome every obstacle, screamed in defiance against every turmoil, and I have succeeded. I am more than whatever you see in me. I am a rage and fire that you cannot even sense, hidden behind something that is so much more than what you perceive. I am greatness. Continue reading


Dragon Scene I Wrote Then Forgot About.

Sometimes there are scenes for various books or stories in my head. Most of the time, I want said scenes out of there so I can make room for other things. This was apparently one of those times, because I found it in a folder with 80 or 90 other such ramblings that I probably planned to use someday and never did. If I find any other good ones, maybe I’ll put them on here.  Continue reading


Rise Up! Be more than what you are, what you’ve been. Reach out and grasp at those dreams, those calls, those screams that pound around inside your head, begging to be released but that have been buried, again and again. You know they’re there. All the things you’ve ever said you’d do but that were buried under a dozen “Not now’s.” “I can’t’s” “There are other things I have to do’s.” Continue reading

The Speech I Gave Tonight

Tonight, our school hosted a dinner for our graduating Seniors and our advancing Juniors. I was tasked with giving a speech. Which I did.

I was doing pretty well for a while… until I started crying.

If you’re thinking that I just let loose a couple tears and that it was overall sweet and dignified– you are incredibly wrong. I sobbed. I wailed. My voice climbed to impossibly high pitches and once or twice gave out completely. It was insanely embarrassing and impossible to stop.  Flood gates have released less water than my eyes did tonight.

Those of you that were there– I’m sorry. Seriously, it was not intentional. Just know that I will miss your students greatly. Also, if you weren’t able to actually hear the speech over the sound of hysterics, I’m sorry about that too. I’ve included it here. You may read it at your leisure (with less tissues needed). 

Continue reading

Mass Media and the Written Word

I don’t understand how the sheer amount of our text-based communication is constantly increasing but our ability to actually communicate through the written word is inversely decreasing. Facebook, text messages, IM, e-mail– all of these things rely almost exclusively on literacy. There are no facial expressions or body movements to infer information from. No voice inflections or tone that may be used to better understand what someone is saying. Everything requires comprehension through the written word. So… you’d think that things that assist with literary comprehension (like spelling, grammar, and sentence structure) would be MORE important now than ever, no? Continue reading