Inspiration from an Opinionated Man

So… Opinionated Man wrote this post a few minutes ago. I loved it. LOVED it. So much so, that I was inspired to write a response (even though I know the original post had nothing to do with me. In fact, my response really doesn’t even fit what I think he was trying to say. I ended up kind of writing it to a student that absolutely cannot take criticism).  Whatever. I’m not inspired to write things very often, so I’ll take what I can get. Enjoy.

Inspire me with your responses. You fear intimidation, the anxiety that comes with being answered. You see the response as a clubbing, a mugging, an attack. I see it as growth. Let me take your words and throw them back at you. Force you to see each phrase you’ve said. Not as a glance. Not as the beautiful painting you constructed in your mind’s eye, colored by perception and your perceived truths. No. You must truly see it.  See and know this thought you’ve tried to portray. This idea you hide behind, even as you fear that it will crumble around you beneath the threats and cries of those that come against it. You must see it. You must examine it, weigh it, and decide with a certainty hitherto unknown if you absolutely believe it.

Would you crumble so quickly against my barrage? Are your words worth so little to you that you cannot defend them? Then surely you do not truly know them. You speak, but you do not evaluate. You display your work for all to see, but shy away from the microscope that stares with such cold scrutiny. You use words like a key from a cage, when they can be more than that. A shield, an understanding, a foundation upon which every cage or open door may stand, but brittle and soft if not examined carefully from the beginning. If you fear those that sling arrows at the fortress you have built, then perhaps you should be more careful in its manufacturing.

Do not worry, child. There is no amount of verbiage that cannot be dismantled, brick by brick. There is no thought that cannot be evaluated and strengthened. Defended. Believed. I will help you. For, as you say, I will shatter your spirit and walk upon your broken shell. That is necessary sometimes. For what new growth can be discovered if the crumbling remains of what we were are not discarded for what we will be?


15 thoughts on “Inspiration from an Opinionated Man

    • Thanks. I’m not sure why I’m inspired so much by some things and not by others. There are often ideas in my head, but rarely are they “important” enough to be written down. When I finally decide that something is nagging enough to be written, I usually end up posting them here. haha.

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  1. It is so true that some people are so offended when you try to correct them. It is not to hurt anybody’s feelings, but to edify them, help them to know for next time. I love the way you write. Thank you for this post.

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