Rise Up! Be more than what you are, what you’ve been. Reach out and grasp at those dreams, those calls, those screams that pound around inside your head, begging to be released but that have been buried, again and again. You know they’re there. All the things you’ve ever said you’d do but that were buried under a dozen “Not now’s.” “I can’t’s” “There are other things I have to do’s.”

A thousand excuses, a thousand things we let get in the way. We bury our dreams under our realities, and the lives we are meant to have are forsaken for those that we may not want but do. It’s not that we intentionally lock those “somedays” into that darkened crevice within our minds, burning at hearts that have learned to ignore them. We did not seal them up with bricks and mortar, but only slowly neglected them until the dusty blankets of “somedays” muffled the cries.

But they stay there, pounding, screaming, scratching at the base of our skulls. You can hear them. Crying. Calling. Enticing. Wishing for freedom. Wishing to be all that you said they someday would be.

Rise up! Let the artist you wish you were spill from your fingertips. Let that dancer wiggle your toes. Let the politician use your voice, the warrior use your battle cry, the scholar use your mind.  Let that “someday” be a “today” just once before the dust settles again and the cries are once again muffled.

Every day we turn aside our dreams and instead grasp that which is considered more essential. Every day we say “someday” and someday we’ll look back and realize that all the “somedays” passed and we let them slip from between our brushless, our penciless, our motionless (emotionless?)  fingers. There is more to us than what we are. Would it be so catastrophic if, for one day, we were all that we could be? That for one day, we grasped those dreams we’ve coveted and blanketed under a thousand “somedays” and “not nows?” Just one day. Would that truly ruin everything?

I am not saying quit your job, give up your life. There is no reason to disappear into the sunset. But for one day, be the person you wanted to be. What’s holding you back? Is it so important that you cannot release it for a time? An hour? This moment? No. Be someone else—that other you, that REAL you—for just this span of daylight, and (I promise you) the day will continue on. The world will not care that your steps were different today—that you lived a different life for that span of hours. It will keep spinning. It will always keep spinning. But YOU will care. And someday, even as the earth continues its unceasing dance, you will take your final step and the music will end.

On that day you will wish that your “someday” dreams had been made a reality. You will wish that the money you had saved for your somedays had finally been used on a today, no matter how short that today was. You’ll wish that you’d risen up and been more than what you were.

So rise up! Be more than what you are. Be that person you always said you’d be “someday.”

Someday… Someday… Not now…

Why not?

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