Author’s Note: Well, this little forgotten scene is deliciously unsettling. I wonder what I was planning on doing with it? I’m going to put a warning here for… self-harm, maybe? No actually injuries, but it does allude to self-mutilation. Maybe. It looks like I was going to make him into mass-murdering psychopath or a suicide victim. Not sure which one. What do guys you think? Continue reading


The Books That Should Be Banned (And Why)

My sister and I just finished talking about books. Yep. Books. That’s all we talked about. For 2 1/2 hours. I love my sister so much. Seriously, guys. You don’t even know. I love having such an amazing friend who will hear me comment about a piece of literature and completely understands what I’m talking about! There’s something so… freeing about having someone who gets what you’re saying. It’s particularly rare when that thing you’re discussing is literature. In fact, the more I read, the more I realize exactly HOW hard it is to find someone who knows what I’m trying to say when I talk about a book. Pretty much any book. And that makes me sad. Continue reading

I’m a Professional Writer Now!

I wanted to see what freelance writing was like, so I wrote a commissioned article for a website. I got paid $2 dollars for it! Whoot! I was paid for writing something! So… I’m counting that as a win and calling myself a professional writer now. Yes.

The article is about one of the most important questions in modern culture. It’s so important, riveting, and intense that I can’t believe there aren’t more articles about it out there. Are you ready for this? Are you ready to finally hear the question that you’ve never even known you needed to have answered? Here we go: Continue reading