I’m a Professional Writer Now!

I wanted to see what freelance writing was like, so I wrote a commissioned article for a website. I got paid $2 dollars for it! Whoot! I was paid for writing something! So… I’m counting that as a win and calling myself a professional writer now. Yes.

The article is about one of the most important questions in modern culture. It’s so important, riveting, and intense that I can’t believe there aren’t more articles about it out there. Are you ready for this? Are you ready to finally hear the question that you’ve never even known you needed to have answered? Here we go:

What are the pros and cons to installing individual mounting hooks vs. a mounted coat rack?

Gaah. Mounting hooks. And coat racks. What more could you possibly ask for on this lovely Saturday afternoon? What other questions about life could you possibly want answered? Seriously. Mounting hooks. And coat racks. *Moans with pleasure*. Soooo good.

Haha. Honestly, I just wanted to see what freelance writing is like. It’s not difficult. At all. The entire article took me about 12 minutes to write, and while not a stimulating career choice, I can see why people do it. I might write other commissioned pieces (read: sell out), and if it turns out to be something I’m good at, I might make another blog and use it for my freelancing portfolio. Or I might just bask in the glory of my $2+ mounting hook vs coat rack article monopoly.

Oh, did I mention that I get royalties every time the page is viewed? I do. That’s why you should click here and have all of your questions about life coat racks vs. mounting hooks answered!

Link to my awesome article: http://coatrackwall.com/mounting-hooks-vs-mounting-coat-racks-the-pros-and-cons-to-each-aid-17569


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