Somebody Scare Me!

I love being afraid. Horror movies, stories, games. If it makes me afraid to turn off the lights, then I want in. Continue reading


Social Media and the Written Word

Author’s Note: Someone asked me to me about this post, so I’m putting it back up. Enjoy.

I don’t understand how the sheer amount of our text-based communication is constantly increasing but our ability to actually communicate through the written word is inversely decreasing. Facebook, text messages, IM, e-mail– all of these things rely almost exclusively on literacy. There are no facial expressions or body movements to infer information from. No voice inflections or tone that may be used to better understand what someone is saying. Everything requires comprehension through the written word. So… you’d think that things that assist with literary comprehension (like spelling, grammar, and sentence structure) would be MORE important now than ever, no? Continue reading

I Was a Nerd. Now, Apparently I’m a Feminist.

I love video games. I love Dungeons and Dragons, Batman comics, and pirate rap. I love thinking about what it would be like to be a wizard and writing stories about sword battles and orc fights. I care more about the possibility of life on other planets than I care about the “real-life” experiences of celebrities. I am a nerd. I have always been a nerd. And I love it. Continue reading