Want to Destroy Something Wonderful? Keep Doing What You’re Doing.

Ah, politics. Elections! How I missed you. I love that we live in a country where we are able to be completely informed on a multitude of life-changing bills and legislative acts and then are completely capable of discussing you like educated adults in a calm and professional manner.

Just kidding. I fucking hate you. Sometimes I actually think that I would rather cut out my own eyes with a grapefruit spoon than have to listen to the uneducated feces-slinging name-calling debacle that the majority of my fellow Americans like to call “political debates.”

Here’s the thing about politics. I’m pretty sure at one point it was deeper than just a bunch of grown-ass adults throwing mud at each other and grunting. I’m pretty sure there used to be people who required more than a photo and a mis-quoted caption to make their points about any given (potentially deeply complex and even life changing) political point. I think there was probably a point in time when I could have asked “Why are you a Republican?” and NOT have the response start with “Because the Democrats (insert something negative and not relevant to the entire spectrum of the party blah blah blah).” And Democrats, don’t think for even a second that the exact same doesn’t apply to you. Look at what you post. What you read. What you think. If more than 30% of your political beliefs are based on what the “other side” is doing wrong rather than what “your side” is doing right, then you’re fucking doing it wrong.

We are goddamned adults. You know why you’re supposed to be 18 before you can vote? Because by 18 we are supposed to be past the name-calling, guilt-tripping, blame game. Our views on the future should be more about how we can FIX our world and less about how someone else is going to fuck it up. Especially because that person you keep calling an “idiot” for whatever reason has probably done more with their life than you ever will. So sit back down.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this (just kidding. I do. Click here, here, and here) but I will say it at least once more: You want to play this game? Then CHECK YOUR GODDAMN SOURCES. If you post something political (or really anything at all) and a 25-second Google search tells me it’s a blatant lie, then I’m just going to assume that your political party has no ability to stand on its own merits and has to lie about the other side just to have a running. If you post something that bashes the other side without actually adding anything positive about what your team is doing, then I’m just going to view it as the world’s slowest rap battle and move on. Be proactive. The fact that our election process has become more about slander and less about issues says ENTIRELY too much about our society.

And if you’re even THINKING about saying “this doesn’t apply to me because I don’t participate in politics” then sit your ass back down. I’m not here to listen to wastes of space who think that sitting on the bench (despite the coach giving you every opportunity to get in the game) is going to do a single goddamn thing to help the score. Because if you have the audacity to say “my vote wouldn’t matter” than you probably have the audacity to constantly spout your opinion about things you didn’t even try to fix. You do not get to bitch about the way things are and then not lift a single bloody finger to try to make it better. And yeah, maybe your vote doesn’t matter, but that’s only because you’re one of the million other people who think exactly like you do and don’t do anything about it. Never underestimate the power of idiots in huge groups. You want to complain that your voice isn’t heard? Maybe you should try actually speaking up.

And the biggest thing about politics? The thing that hurts the most about this entire thing? Is that it has the chance to be something amazing. We have the chance to make a difference in our own lives. That’s why we scream “’MURICA” and gaze at our glorious flag with tears in our eyes. That is why we will fight tooth and nail for that beautiful concept of Democracy. That is why we get so worked up about it, because we finally have the ability to make ourselves heard so GODDAMN IT WE’RE GOING TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE HEARS EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE TO SAY BECAUSE HOW OFTEN DO I GET TO POST THINGS IN ALL CAPS? We know that the concept of Democracy is beautiful. We’re all aware of it.

But look at what we’ve made it into.

Please. PLEASE. As elections get closer and people’s voices get louder, let’s try to make the yelling be positive excitement about what we can do to CHANGE the world, not hate-filled sewage used to tear down those we don’t agree with. We are diplomatic adults about most things. Why is this, the biggest representation of our country, not held to the same standards?

2 thoughts on “Want to Destroy Something Wonderful? Keep Doing What You’re Doing.

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