Liebster Award

Thanks to tripleclicka who nominated me for the Liebster Award on this post. She asked me ten questions, which I am going to answer. Then, I’m supposed to nominate ten other people who are new to the blogging world (more on that later).

So… Here we go.

1. What is your favorite ice cream?

Graham Slam. Because who doesn’t love graham crackers?

2.  If you had to give up either Ice Cream, or Bacon, forever, which would it be?

Hm… I don’t eat ice cream or bacon very often. I think I would give up bacon, because there are a lot of different types of ice cream out there, so I can keep trying new things forever, but there are only so many different types of bacon, you know? Also, bacon makes more dishes than ice cream. And I pretty much hate washing dishes.

3. When it comes to gift giving, do you wrap, or use a gift bag? 

I’m horrible at gift wrapping. It’s ridiculous. I understand how it’s supposed to look at the end, and I realize that it really CANNOT BE THAT DIFFICULT, but somehow I always find a way to mess it up. My husband is fantastic at wrapping gifts. He’s like a freakin’ wizard. So if he’s around, we make our packages look all pretty and whatnot. But if it’s just me then I throw that sucker in a gift bag and scream “DONE!” while haphazardly tossing some tissue paper on top so it looks like I tried.

4. If you could give just one more gift in your life, what would it be and who would you be giving it to?

Oh, wow. This is a hard one. Okay. I think I’d want to give my husband one final notebook with all the things I want to say to him but don’t. Like, I don’t tell him enough that he’s honestly my better half and that I’m sorry I’m so controlling so often. I want him to know that I sometimes fear he’ll get tired of my shit and leave me someday, and I know I would totally deserve it because I’m horrible sometimes. I want him to know that I honestly try to work on it, but in the moment when something’s happening and I think “my way is better” I don’t see things from other people’s point of view and I just assume I know best. Which is crazy. Because marriage should be more about equality and give-and-take than it sometimes is, and I wouldn’t want him to remember the rough times more than the good times. I would want to give him something so that he’ll know forever that I truly love him with everything I am.

5. Toilet paper, over, or under?

Over. Obviously. Anyone who disagrees is a robot. Or an alien. Or a robotic alien.

6. Star Wars, or Star Trek?

YAY! Okay, so I’ve been a Trekkie my entire life. I have seen every episode of TOS WAY too many times and I’m pretty sure that Leonard Nimoy may have been one of my first crushes. That’s weird, I know, but don’t judge me.

Now, you need to know that my husband loves Star Wars. He actually showed me the original trilogy a few years ago for the first time. And you know what? I love that, too!! Seriously, it was great.

I don’t think that Star People need to constantly be at each other’s throats. Both fandoms are incredibly nerdy and amazing in their own right, and we really should just be working together to battle the Twilight lovers.

7. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I don’t think so. I think that love is deeper than that. I mean, I’m sure you can find someone that you find attractive and then realize later that you have a connection on a deeper level, but I don’t think it’s “love” immediately.

Granted, I’m not a very good judge of love. I had myself convinced that I saw my now-husband as a friend or brother for years before we ever started dating. Everyone else in the world apparently knew we were in love and knew we were going to be together someday except for us. I wish someone had given me a heads up earlier.

8. Do you like tent camping?

It’s been a long time since I went camping, but I do prefer being in a tent than in a camper or car. Actually, I like just putting my sleeping bag out on the ground and sleeping under the stars. Because tents are bulky and annoying to put up, and then they somehow still make you claustrophobic on the inside. It’s like a weird punishment for wanting to be in nature.

9. In your own words, can you explain the concept of pineapple on a pizza?

Alright. Sit down. I got this.

My favorite pizza is ham, pineapple, and jalapenos. The sweetness of the pineapple kind of dances on your tongue and makes you think of foreign islands for a minute and then BAM the jalapeno smacks you in the face with a delicious 2×4 of spiciness that battles with the sweet tanginess of the pineapple in a flavorful fight to the death. Who doesn’t want a gladiator battle on their tongue every time they take a bite of something? It’s like the ultimate battle of good vs. evil, angels vs. demons, dragons vs. unicorns FOR YOUR TASTEBUDS. How is that not amazing?

10.  Would you/have you ever gone to the movie theatre just to get movie food, ie’ popcorn, slurpee, candy, without any intention on seeing a movie?

What? No. That’s ridiculous. I already think that theaters overcharge for everything, but I’m okay with it because I don’t see movies very often. When I do go to the theater, I don’t just go to see the film. If all I cared about was the movie then I could wait until it’s on DVD and watch it in the comfort of my own home without having to put on pants. I wouldn’t go for just the popcorn or whatever, either, because (again) I could just buy stuff like that at home and still not wear pants. No. The only reason I’m going to put on pants and go do something entertaining is for the experience that comes with that activity. The cool thing about theaters is that you’re surrounded by people who were also willing to put on pants and pay a ridiculous price in order to see something that obviously is at least a little bit important to them. For the two hours or whatever that you’re in a theater, you and all the people around you are connected in some way. You’re all seeing something you love (or hope you’ll love) for the first time. You laugh and cry together, or scream or curse. Then it ends and you all leave, never having actually met the people you shared that experience with and never planning on seeing them again. It’s neat. You can’t get that from just buying overpriced popcorn in the lobby.

Okay, everyone. Here’s the deal. I’m supposed to come up with my own questions and nominate ten other bloggers who have less than 200 followers. However, nearly all of the people I follow have more than that. So I need your help. If you read this and have fewer than 200 followers (or if you know someone who does), answer the following questions on your blog (or have them do it) and let me know about it. I will then reblog your post and try to get some people to see your awesomeness. And I’ll follow your blog, because you sound like a neat person. Ready for the questions? Here we go:

1. If you could go anywhere in the world free of charge, where would you go?

2. If you could pick one movie/book/television universe to live in FOREVER (no coming back if you don’t like it), where would you go?

3. If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be?

4.What’s your favorite animal? Why?

5. What is one thing you think everyone should do before they die?

6. What do you normally blog about?

7. If you could meet one person from any point in history for ONE HOUR, who would you meet?

8. If you had to describe yourself with one word, what would it be?

9. What’s your dream job?

10. If you could only make one more phone call in your life, who would you call? What would you say?

Okay. That’s it from me. If you decide to answer these questions and put them on your blog, let me know and I’ll repost. I might be taking the “award” out of “Liebster Award” by doing it this way, but I’ve never really been one to follow the rules anyway. Have fun! 😛

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