Let Me Raise My Glass

Hey, Everyone.

I know I haven’t written for a while. Sorry about that. Eventually I’ll give you a post talking about the things going on in my life.

But not today.

Today, this post is for anyone out there who feels more comfortable than they did yesterday. This post is for anyone out there–gay, straight, or otherwise– who feels like rejoicing. I don’t know all of you. But if there’s someone out there who thought they’d never be allowed to marry for love because of societal taboos– then tonight I raise a glass for you. Tonight, I’m going to celebrate every engagement announcement that’s never been sent out because the relationship wasn’t allowed to get that far. I’m going to celebrate every wedding that we didn’t get to know about, but that happened secretly behind closed doors or within quiet hearts– every single wedding that was only allowed to happen behind tear-filled eyes. Because there has always been love, but some people never felt safe to express it. Tonight, I’m going to honor the relationships– past, present and future– that some people still don’t think deserved to be honored. Because I’ve been allowed to celebrate my love every day for the past five years, and I’ll be damned if I don’t think that other people’s relationships deserve the same openness.

I don’t know all of you. I don’t know if there’s anyone out there that I should be toasting tonight. But I’m going to do it, anyway. There might be some of you that I know really well who have struggled in their own mind and their own skin for years because they didn’t know what was “right” and they hid it from everyone– even themselves.¬†Maybe today you still feel like that, but I hope, at least, that the actions of the Supreme Court made you a little less afraid of those feelings. Tonight, I’ll raise a glass for you, too.

Here’s to love. To happiness. And to one more step forward.¬†

Kevin Kidwell


3 thoughts on “Let Me Raise My Glass

  1. Child molesters don’t deserve to be “honored”. People who think gay relationships are real marriages are only keeping children from being safe and teaching kids that its ok to be unnatural. Making this legal will only hurt our kids in the future because they’ll either grow up thinking this is okay and then be confused when America comes to its senses or they’ll be molested by the people that the government says are okay.


    • You know what? I almost didn’t approve this comment. I almost just marked it as spam and let it fall into the great ether of hatred and stupidity that I see every day. Your comment almost just became one of many that I let drift by me like the putrid air of someone else’s excrement, forgotten in a moment in the grandeur of the real world. But I didn’t do any of that. Instead, I let your comment through because I wanted people to see that even in a sea of happiness and love– in a nation rallying with support and acceptance, hugging people that have grown up thinking they don’t deserve to be hugged– people like you still exist. People who spew their hatred and judgments without factual evidence or true understanding of your case. It amazes me that you still choose to brace yourself on your ever-shrinking rock of hatred as the waves of equality and love around you simply lap at your shore, overwhelmingly beautiful as each individual drop of acceptance bands together to create a tidal wave that is oh, so capable of drowning out your pitiful cries of “evil.”

      You disgust me. But you need to be heard. Because you’ll never realize how alone you are until you see everyone else in the world that has each other. You will not realize how small you are until you realize that your comment is but the the faded echoes of outdated and bygone cries.

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      • I, too, am astounded that there are still people so full of hate. I do agree with you that child molesters shouldn’t be honored. No kidding. However, you’re sadly miseducated if you think “homosexual” is synonymous with “child molester.” Pedophiles are attracted to kids. Homosexual men are attracted to….surprise…men! I’m guessing you’re a straight woman, Rebekka. Following your logic, that would suggest you must be attracted to little boys, which I’m assuming you aren’t. Check your statistics–the majority of child abuse victims are girls who were victimized by men. Obviously, there are exceptions, considering the underreporting of male abuse victims, but still no evidence that it has anything to do with gay marriage.

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