The Shortest and Least Important Rants You’ll Read Today

As stated above, these are super short and super unimportant rants. Enjoy!

  1. Prune Juice is a lie. Prunes are juice-less plums. That’s the entire point of prunes. They take pride in not having juice. Thus, it should be plum juice. Don’t argue with me unless you’re willing to change it from grape juice to raisin juice. Stop that, juice people.


  2. The cardboard cover that goes on top of a regular DVD cover is a useless waste of cardboard that only serves to get in my way. Stop that, DVD people.

    I couldn’t find a picture. Here’s a puppy who’s also angry about it.

  3. The History Channel is misnamed. Every time I turn that shit on there’s either someone trying to convince me that ancient people were incapable of the most menial tasks (thus, ALIENS!), someone’s buying/selling junk, or someone is driving on an icy road. Stop that, History Channel People.

    Don’t Do It! You’ll DIE!

  4. This picuture is dumb as Hell. And I’m tired of seeing it on my Facebook.stupid
    Those aren’t “Muslim prayer curtains.” That’s the Yellow Room in the White house. You know, where press conferences are held. It has yellow curtains. Which is probably why it’s called the Yellow Room. Every president has had at least one picture taken there.obama 20040505-6_web1-012t0856-250h

    If you’re going to be stupid, at least be stupid quietly. Stop that, dumb people.

Huh. I think that’s it for right now. I thought I had more rants. Oh, well. Maybe later.

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