On Columbus Day

In 1001 AD, a man named Leif Ericsson started trading with indigenous peoples in North America. 500 years later a different guy showed up on the same continent, thought he was somewhere else, claimed to have discovered all the people already living there, and then began raping and killing his way into our history books.  Continue reading


A Post I’d Hoped I Wouldn’t Have to Write

This is going to be a short post. I think a better person than me could write pages and pages on it, but honestly– I’m just not that strong. 

My heart goes out to those families that are affected by the most recent school shooting in Oregon. Ten more people are dead. Nine are injured. A thousand more are having to pick up the pieces. And one nation has to wonder how this could happen. Again. Continue reading

On Hope and Humanity

The world right now breaks my heart. My computer screen is filled with pictures of weary, broken people with weary, broken eyes, and the ever-repeated images of a small, lifeless body washed up on the beach.

And yet, only a small part of my heart’s constant, aching throb is caused by these still images of tear-filled eyes and helpless silence reflected in photos whose true significance I can’t possibly hope to fully understand. Instead, one of the darker aspects of humanity pulls at my heart as I look around at my neighbors, my coworkers, my facebook friends.

As I look at their apathy.

Continue reading