The Dream I Had Last Night

Well, I apparently spend too much time on FB, because let me tell you the dream I had last night! Normally I don’t write about things like this, but it was just strange and relevant enough that I had to share.

So. In this dream people who wanted to enter the US as a refugee and people who wanted to buy a gun had to go through the exact same process. And it was a crazy-long process too, involving background checks all the way up to your great-great-grandfather, several forms of ID, and you had to declare your religion when you filled out the paperwork. That part was important, because if you were trying to get a gun, your religion would determine what you got. (For example, the Pope had already declared that killing other people for any reason was a sin, and thus against the Catholic religion, so if you were Catholic and applied for a gun, you would get one that would literally only kill demons. Jewish people could apply for a gun that would only kill food that was kosher. It was weird.)

For the most part, however, people’s personal beliefs allowed you to kill someone in defense of yourself or in defense of your loved ones, so there were a lot of people in line trying to do that. However, you couldn’t tell at a glance who was there for what. And for some reason, I was supposed to figure it out.

So I was just walking through this thousand-mile line trying to figure out if the people waiting were refugees or gun buyers. I went to dozens of people and asked them all the same thing: “Why are you here?” And every single person in that goddamned line replied with the same answer:

“I just want to protect my family.”

I was kind of amazed, even in my dream state, because I had this clipboard and I was supposed to be checking “gun buyer” or “refugee” for every person I talked to, and I just checked “Human.” “Human.” “Human.” Over and over again.

Then, eventually everyone turned into flying caterpillars and there was a space battle, so who the hell knows what was going on there.


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