An Update on Yesterday’s Post

Hey, everyone.

I wanted to thank you all for the support that I received after my Previous Post. For those of you that were worried, I wanted to give this update:

The helpful people involved with NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Illness), learned about what happened to me yesterday and wanted to help. Because of them, I have a primary care provider now and should be back on my regular prescription by the end of the week. And my new provider is in no way associated with the medical facility I went to in the beginning, so that’s nice. We’re also looking for ways to keep what happened to me from happening to others in our community. And, on top of everything else, a few lovely people have offered to help me pay for the ER bill that last night’s adventure ended with.

So… yeah. Just try to remember: No matter how bad things get, there are always good people in the world. We’re never really alone, and the world IS beautiful if you let other people be a part of it. Good people. Because they are out there.

I still think that my story from last night is probably too common. I still think that as long as there is a stigma against people with mental health issues, those people are always going to be afraid or embarrassed to seek out help. I also think that if people get treated like I did last night whenever they do seek out help, then NO ONE would ever want to admit that there’s something wrong. And so mental health issues aren’t going to be dealt with until the stigma is dealt with, and the stigma isn’t dealt with because a lot of people don’t want to listen to “crazy” people who say they’re being mistreated when they go to hospitals. But that’s probably because we’re still referring to them as “crazy.” And no one’s going to start listening until we stop labeling.

I’m human. I’m strong and intelligent and I’m capable of a lot more than my depression lets on. That’s true of every depressed person out there. But until they start seeing themselves as anything other than “crazy” they’ll never BE anything other than crazy. That’s where we, as a society, come in.

Keep being the people that helped me today. Keep being NAMI and advocators and friends. Keep being wonderful. Because the mental health world is anything but, and we can only make it right by trying to make a difference.

Thanks for everything. Always.



2 thoughts on “An Update on Yesterday’s Post

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