My First Phone Conversation With An Agent

Well, I spoke with an agent about my book today. She and I have been communicating back and forth for a long time, but today was our first phone conversation. She gave me some great advice on how to build up my writing portfolio and make my name more recognizable in the writing community. She also gave me a list of editors that may be interested in my book.

At one point in the conversation she asked me for the full manuscript again, but mentioned she probably wouldn’t have time to get to it and that I should continuing querying to others. As such, I’m not really sure what to do with the list of editors, since you need an agent as your liaison, there.

The end of the conversation ended awkwardly. I wasn’t sure what else to say, so I told her I would continue querying and keep my sights on big-name publishers rather than small ones or self-publishing. At that point she just kind of… stopped talking, so I’m not sure if I said something wrong or if our signals got crossed somewhere or what. It was kind of uncomfortable.

However, I told you all I’d keep you updated on my writing as things happened, so there you go. If anyone out there has any experience with this kind of thing and might be able to enlighten me on what you think happened, let me know.

Take care.

3 thoughts on “My First Phone Conversation With An Agent

    • That’s true, Dan. I just keep reminding myself that everyone started out somewhere. I’ll get better as I keep trying. This was my first phone call with an agent EVER, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Mostly I’m just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience and what I should do with the information I got.


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