Okay. Then Let’s Talk About Bathrooms.

So… Target recently said that it is okay for transgender people to use whatever bathroom they find most appropriate for his or her current needs. And people are… freaking out about this? Because I guess there aren’t stalls in bathrooms now and so we’re all going to be intimately aware of exactly who is tinkling at any given time? That’s… weird. Continue reading


Remembering Gilbert Horn Sr.–A Better Person and A Better American Than Me.

This is Gilbert Horn Sr, one of the last remaining Native American Code Talkers from WWII.  Unfortunately, Horn passed away last week at the age of 92, but he is not forgotten. As well as for his continual help and support of his people of the Fort Belknap Reservation in Northern Montana, Horn is still honored and remembered for being a Native American Code Talker, one of many American Indians who used their native tongues to comprise a code in WWII that ended up being a key part in our victory over Germany and its allies. Few people could deny the impact that Horn and others like him have had on our country.

But that is only a small part of what makes Horn great. Horn is more than a hero because he readily and willingly put aside generations of anger and hatred in order to use the talents that others tried to take away from him–so that he could help those same people. Under the same circumstances, I am not sure I would have or could have done what he did. He was a greater American than I am, and a better person.  Continue reading