Okay. Then Let’s Talk About Bathrooms.

So… Target recently said that it is okay for transgender people to use whatever bathroom they find most appropriate for his or her current needs. And people are… freaking out about this? Because I guess there aren’t stalls in bathrooms now and so we’re all going to be intimately aware of exactly who is tinkling at any given time? That’s… weird.

Honestly, needing to know what the woman in the stall next to me’s genitalia looks like seems WAY creepier than all the things that #boycottTarget are accusing transgender people of. If it really bothers you, then why don’t you just pee before leaving the house? You know, like a lot of transgender people have had to do for YEARS because they were never sure exactly where they would be safe. Well, some had to deal with that. Most just used the bathroom when they needed to and no one said anything because of the aforementioned stalls that still allow us all to pee without anyone knowing exactly what we have going on beneath our smallclothes. That’s right. You’ve probably tinkled next to a transgender person already and never knew it. But while you were blissfully ignorant in the small a-sexual world you’ve designed for yourself when using public restrooms, I’m willing to bet that that person knows whether or not you washed your hands when you were done. Who’s the gross one now?

Seriously. If this is such a big deal, and you’re REALLY concerned about how other people pee, just go at home. Because I would rather share a bathroom with a transgender person than a bigot.

I keep thinking about this and am constantly reminded of the white-only restrooms that I (luckily) never had to see for myself. People didn’t want African Americans to use the same restrooms because it was “dangerous.” “We’ll get diseases if THEY are allowed to use the bathroom! Our women will be raped!” Yeah, those were legitimate reasons to keep colored bathrooms separate. It was dangerous. Dangerous. But I’m pretty sure that the only hazard to regular folks were that bigots were stepping in and forcefully trying to stop the change. And that’s still true today. I’m more afraid of someone standing outside the women’s restroom scrutinizing everyone who goes in for “safety” than I am of someone who just wants to use the facilities.

Smaller point– the dressing room thing? I’m pretty sure every Target I’ve ever been into (and definitely all the ones I worked in) were unisex dressing rooms. You’ve already been sharing a dressing room with people with the opposite gender, you just didn’t know if they were trying on skirts or pants because, again… stalls. Why do we keep forgetting about the stalls? This one is a really flimsy argument to make and I’m not sure why people keep bringing it up. Have you really never used a unisex dressing room before? Do you just avoid them because you’re afraid of the other gender trying on shirts? No? Then why in the world would this possibly be different?

For what it’s worth, I like it when stores and public places have unisex bathrooms available. Not just for transgender people, either. But a single dad should be able to take his little daughter to the bathroom if she hasn’t quite figured out how to do the button on her jeans yet. And a woman should be able to help her elderly father who has trouble standing back up. Caretakers that have disabled wards need to be able to help him/her sometimes. Are all of these people dangerous because they find themselves in situations where tradition male/female bathrooms just aren’t appropriate? No. The only dangerous ones are the people screaming that peeing isn’t a basic human right and we should be able to dictate exactly how and where other people are allowed to do that.

Author’s note: Also, as a side note– Stores should REALLY have diaper changing tables in both bathrooms, because single dads exist, too. And their children also deserve to poop safely, knowing they can get their diaper changed somewhere that isn’t the sink or the backseat of the car. Just saying.

Authors note again: This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Target being the center of stupid controversy. Click HERE.




2 thoughts on “Okay. Then Let’s Talk About Bathrooms.

  1. The chances of a man wearing a dress getting beaten up for going into a men’s washroom is much more likely than is the chance that same man will commit violence upon a woman in a women’s washroom. Will they be trying to keep lesbians out of women’s washrooms next? Stalls. Right. 🙄

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