On Faith: What I *Really* Trust

Today I was talking to someone about the struggles I’m having with getting enough pre-orders to publish my first novel. The woman was kind and genuinely wanted to reassure me, but I was a little put-off by her response: “Pray and have faith!” This is the 4th time someone has told me something along these lines. I think I offended her when I replied
“Thanks, but it won’t be God that makes this happen. It’ll be people.”
She excused herself shortly thereafter, but it got me thinking. And reminded me of this post. I’ve grown a lot since originally writing this over a year ago, but in the wake of everything that has happened in our world since then, I’m glad I dug it up to read again. Hopefully you all get something worthwhile out of it, too.

The Smell of Rain

The smell of rain makes me… nostalgic? That’s not exactly the right word. But it’s close.

There’s always something about the smell of the rain makes me stop. It wakes up a piece of me that I forgot about, and suddenly I know -I KNOW- there’s something I’m supposed to be doing. Somewhere I’m supposed to be. Somewhere that’s not here and something that’s not this. But I can never quite remember where and what that is. So I always just stop, and for that moment I feel… lost. And I search for something I’ve never actually grasped.

Whatever it is I feel like I’ve forgotten–the rain almost brings it up enough for me to remember where it is I’m supposed to go. But it never quite wakes up enough. So I just… stand there. In the rain. Trying to remember something I’m not even really sure I’ve ever actually forgotten.

And I always think that moment is beautiful. Until I finally pull myself away and go back to the place that isn’t quite right so I can do the things that aren’t quite perfect. But that feeling will be waiting for me again. The next time it rains.

Guest Blogger–Shona Kinsella

Hi, everyone! Today I’m really pleased to introduce you to Shonna Kinsella, Author of Ashael Rising. She’s going to talk to you all about a different type of publishing and give you a new perspective on the industry. Read on (and FOLLOW her blog).

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Why Publish with Unbound?

unbound pic

I’d like to start by thanking Tahani for having me here and letting me speak to you, her followers. You see, I am also crowdfunding my debut novel, though with a company called Unbound who work a little differently from Inkshares. I’m approaching the end of my funding campaign. My initial deadline is 14th June, just two weeks away as I type this. So far, I have managed to raise 84% of my funding target so the end is in sight.


Today, I’d like to tell you a little bit about Unbound and I why I chose to submit Ashael Rising to them. Continue reading