Guest Blog– The EarthFault

Hey, Everyone! Let me introduce another amazing author, J. Anthony Harris. Unlike the other book-related posts you’ve seen on here before, Harris’ book isn’t being published through a crowd-funding site, so it’s more affordable AND available. It also looks to be a great read. Read more for details!


A Guest Blog: The Earthfault

So Tahani has offered me a slot on her page to do a little promotion. To clarify, I go by the pen name of J. Anthony Harris. I wrote a dark fantasy novel called The Earthfault, and as a first-time author with nothing in the way of traditional publishing experience, I’m at a bit of a loss of what to do to, y’know, get it out there. So firstly I’m going to thank Tahani for the opportunity to spread the word of my novel, maybe getting an extra sale here or there, perhaps even a review. But before that, the book itself.

The Earthfault is a dark fantasy novel, as mentioned above, set in the fictional world of Erdra. It’s a world of meagre magic, driven more by politics, economics, culture, and religion. And though magic plays an almost non-existent role in daily life, there are some who can wield its immense power to incredible effect.


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My Author Journey (So Far)

Hello, everyone!

Facebook has just informed me that it’s been two years since I finished my novel and my first round of editing. Two years ago was when I began to seriously look into my options for publication. In fact, two years ago today was the day that I called my father on the phone and we spoke for almost two hours about what options I had available at the time. There was a lot of guesswork involved since neither of us knew what we were doing.(Not a lot has changed on that front).

Two years ago today was also the day that I turned down publication for The Last Faoii. Just!Fiction had offered to publish my novel and get me started on my career as an author. I was…thrilled, since they were literally the first publisher I contacted. I felt that, since 100% of the people I’d asked had shown interest, my options were wide-open. As such, after the 2-hour discussion on what I wanted to do with a novel I had spent years making– I finally decided to turn down Just!Fiction and look for other options.

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