Guest Blog– The EarthFault

Hey, Everyone! Let me introduce another amazing author, J. Anthony Harris. Unlike the other book-related posts you’ve seen on here before, Harris’ book isn’t being published through a crowd-funding site, so it’s more affordable AND available. It also looks to be a great read. Read more for details!


A Guest Blog: The Earthfault

So Tahani has offered me a slot on her page to do a little promotion. To clarify, I go by the pen name of J. Anthony Harris. I wrote a dark fantasy novel called The Earthfault, and as a first-time author with nothing in the way of traditional publishing experience, I’m at a bit of a loss of what to do to, y’know, get it out there. So firstly I’m going to thank Tahani for the opportunity to spread the word of my novel, maybe getting an extra sale here or there, perhaps even a review. But before that, the book itself.

The Earthfault is a dark fantasy novel, as mentioned above, set in the fictional world of Erdra. It’s a world of meagre magic, driven more by politics, economics, culture, and religion. And though magic plays an almost non-existent role in daily life, there are some who can wield its immense power to incredible effect.


The story itself follows Malina. As a little girl, she had a sweetheart by the name of Lola, and they were playing together out on the edge of their hometown when a cataclysm struck – the eponymous rift opened up, tearing the ground apart and ripping a vast chunk of land from the continent, including the ruins of the ancient city of Trimus. Lola was caught on the far side, and disappeared as the new island drifted across the sea, beyond the horizon. Malina is left distraught. But she vows to go to Trimus Island and look for Lola as soon as she can. Now an adult, she must leave home behind and begin her journey to Lola, an incredible adventure that will change her forever.

But don’t just take my word that it’s incredible. Of course I’m going to say that. Here’s what some people who aren’t me said:

“A tale as old as time with fresh new twists and a dark tone, The Earthfault keeps the story going from place to place without it getting stale. The cast of colourful supporting characters will keep you entertained, and I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fantastic read.”

“I immediately fell in love with the book. I loved the characters, the story, the places where events took place. I could picture it all and I felt like I was there. I would honestly recommend The Earthfault to anyone.”

“This was an interesting read with a cool core concept. A rustic, rural start with very relatable and real characters led into a story that played with mature, somewhat dark themes. I enjoyed the ride and it’s full of surprises!”

“The Earthfault is suspenseful, energetic, descriptive and romantic all in one. I definitely had some jaw dropping moments. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen on the next page.”

The Earthfault is available on Amazon now, for a dollar/pound/Euro less until 31 st August!

Click HERE to jump to The Earthfault.

So there you go, friends! An awesome dark fantasy novel from a new author who could use your support. As with all Amazon books, you can see a preview before ordering– give it a look, and support someone that has worked really hard towards a dream that’s finally coming to fruition.

A big thank you to J. Anthony Harris for letting me this page up, and a HUGE thank you to everyone that has read it and supported him, me, and any other new authors out there. We can’t do it without you!


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