Are You Ready, Faoii?

Okay, Faoii! Listen up!

I’m all set to launch the next phase of our campaign, but I want to make 100% sure that we’ve completely recovered from our first attack before I do so. Therefore, I need reports on whether not not refunds have been issued yet. Once I know you’re all armed and ready, we’ll take to the field.

Remember, this is a surprise attack. We’re going to take that hill in a single, unexpected rush, and it’s going to beglorious. Right now, virtually no one knows who we are or that The Last Faoiiis a thing. But hundreds of people are checking in on that contest everyday, and I know how to make them take note of the best Dark Fantasy book on Inkshares right now:

We’re going to go from “Not competing” to “Top of Leaderboard” in 24 hours.

One day. It might seem impossible, but if every person that has already pledged their support to this project the fist time around did so again in that 24 hour spread, we’d hit that number 1 spot with a little bit of a cushion right off the bat. And that’s not even counting all of you who are new to the army and who have pledged your support since the first campaign “failed”.  So I have NO DOUBT that we’re going to take that hill. Then the other people who are paying attention will HAVE to take notice of our Faoii army. Word will spread like wildfire, and more people will join the campaign each day once we show them that it’s one worth joining. It’s possible. And we’re going to do it. I just need to hear back on those reports.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you “FOLLOW” me at That way my couriers know how to find you when we attack.

We’re going to launch soon, Faoii. Wait for my signal.


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