Updates on the Campaign and How I’ve Already Been Scammed.

Updates, Faoii! Listen up!

We’re doing a good job so far. 18 hours in and we’ve got 29 pre-orders. That’s more than halfway to the number 10 spot on the leader board. I still think we can get that number 1 spot and let EVERYONE know who we are– but I’ll let you know when we’re at least on the map. Good work, Faoii. Keep it up!

Now, for the bad news: I got a missive from the head of Thane Studios today. Thane Studios is/was an ally that asked me to join their collective about a month ago. You might have seen their shiny medal on our front page. This was a big honor for me, because collectives usually have more money, viewers and marketing abilities than regular authors, and when he invited me to join there was a lot of discussion on how they were going to help me get the necessary pre-orders to publish. In payment, they were to get 12% of the royalties of the books that were pre-ordered after I joined the collective.

Today, exactly 18 hours and 29 pre-orders after the beginning of the campaign, Thane Studios said that they wasn’t going to be able to help me market, after all, and told me that I could opt out of the collective. That’s all well in good, but Inkshare’s contract on the matter decrees that he still get his 12% within 30 days of me opting out (supposedly because it’s assumed that at least some marketing was done prior to this, and therefore at least some of those pre-orders could have been because of the collective’s influence). On paper, it makes sense. In reality it means that 12% of every pre-order thus far (and for the next 30 days) goes to these people who did absolutely nothing to assist with seeing The Last Faoii become reality, and that fills me with a rage I’m not sure I can adequately portray.

Obviously there’s nothing that I can do about it now, and we’re just going to charge forward after this. I still want that hill as quickly as possible, Faoii, regardless if someone else is profiting from our hard work. But if anyone who is reading this is trying to publish their own story through Inkshares–DO NOT sign a contract with Thane Studios. As far as I can tell, it’s a scam.

Shields up, Faoii. We’re going to take that hill. Our banner will sit atop it and every single person on inkshares will know who we are and what we’re fighting for. Others will come to the call and help us hold it. This campaign is going to succeed, no matter what other people do to try and weaken our resolve.


Authors Note: You know, my couriers could find you easier with these Faoii updates if you go to My Book’s Page and hit the FOLLOW button. Then you’d be able to read them (and the other ones I don’t put on WP) in your e-mails. Just a suggestion. Take care, Faoii.

Oh yeah! Did I mention that I made a new cover? Similar, but I think it looks a lot nicer. Faoii cover gold


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