Updates, Faoii!

Reports are in, Faoii!

5 of our warriors delivered messages today saying that they got their refunds in and are ready to join the battle. Kind of weird for a Sunday, but I’m not going to question it. However, they wanted to know if they should just join the charge immediately or if they should wait until we can amass another attack and spur the battle to our original goal in one more glorious charge.

Now, faoii, I’m a dramatic person. I love the idea of coming out of nowhere and taking that hill out from under everyone’s noses. But I’m also incredibly impatient. It’s actually kind of a problem.  So, check your bank accounts tomorrow. If you’ve got your refund in, then by all means, release your battle cry and take that hill. Whether the people of inkshares see 50 updates in an hour or 1 every hour for the next three days won’t matter– either way they will see us. They will know us. And they will fear us.

I had 90 of you supporting me a week ago. 90 of you were willing to follow me into battle even though at the time we didn’t have nearly as sure a victory as we do now. I cannot believe that so many would back out of the fight when we have a much likelier chance of seeing this thing through. Your blade is waiting for you at inkshares.com/books/the-last-faoii. You know better than I which you’re fit to wield. Pick it up and join the fight. I look forward to seeing you on the field!


Faoii cover gold


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