The War is Almost Over, Faoii.

Orders, Faoii! Listen up!

We’re getting close, Faoii. We’re only 40 or so pre-orders away from Quill and select publication. If nothing else, we can earn that victory.

It’s a little more sobering to realize that we’re 100 unique readers away from the top 3 in the Geek and Sundry contest. And we only have 21 more days to get those readers. That hill is more challenging– but I think we can make it, too. I know I keep telling you that I want our banner on that hill– but it’s more than that. I want to be able to put The Last Faoii in the hands of young people across the nation. I want to give them a heroine that’s worthy of being emulated– who’s more than a pretty face looking for a husband. Who’s strong and fierce and wearing armor that covers all of her vital organs. I want young LGBT people to have someone whose main characteristics isn’t that they’re LGBT. Kaiya is a warrior, a woman, a faoii— she’s more than “just” a lesbian, and I want people to be okay with that.  And I think a lot of you do, too.

So prove it. Help me get this book out there, to as many people as you can. I want to win that contest because Iwant Kaiya to help us change the face of fantasy literature and heroines. We can do that. We are faoii.

Send your friends to Write a review, recommend it, pre-order your own copy… but help it become real. Time is running out. We will do this.


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