Today I Had An Abortion

Author’s Note: This is not my story, but the woman that reached out to me wishes to help break the stereotype around her ectopic pregnancy and subsequent termination of the fetus while remaining anonymous. She and I both hope that sharing this will mean that others will not be so afraid to seek help and comfort for their own stories. Also, for those who would judge her for this– you have no choice but to direct your hate and anger at me. I am happy to do this for her.

Take care. I love you all. -T

Today I found out I was pregnant.

It wasn’t the happy, pee-on-a-stick-and-wait-impatiently-for-that-blue-line-to-appear type of discovery. It wasn’t the nervously-surprise-your-husband-then-burst-into-happy-tears sort of day.

It was a I’ve-been-bleeding-for-three-weeks-and-went-to-the-doctor type of pregnancy.

For the record, those aren’t the good kind. Continue reading


On Faith: What I *Really* Trust

Today I was talking to someone about the struggles I’m having with getting enough pre-orders to publish my first novel. The woman was kind and genuinely wanted to reassure me, but I was a little put-off by her response: “Pray and have faith!” This is the 4th time someone has told me something along these lines. I think I offended her when I replied
“Thanks, but it won’t be God that makes this happen. It’ll be people.”
She excused herself shortly thereafter, but it got me thinking. And reminded me of this post. I’ve grown a lot since originally writing this over a year ago, but in the wake of everything that has happened in our world since then, I’m glad I dug it up to read again. Hopefully you all get something worthwhile out of it, too.

On Eye Contact and Human Connections

There’s a video going around online about a group of people encouraging strangers to make eye contact with someone for 60 seconds.

If you haven’t seen the video, take a look:

Honestly, this social experiment brought tears to my eyes. People rediscovering humanity just by looking into someone’s eyes? It was beautiful. I was so amazed at how powerful the sense of human connection was, even from behind a computer screen.  Continue reading