My Personal Depression Symptoms (and How I Deal With Them)

It’s been a while since I posted anything about Depression, but today I want to talk about different symptoms that my personal anxiety/depression portrays, and how I deal with each of them. As always, this is my personal experience and does not describe every person’s depression. But hopefully my willingness to talk about things makes it easier for other people to do so, too. Thus, feel free to comment, share or discuss the topics here if you feel comfortable doing so. It’s a reminder that there IS help available out there, you’re not alone, and–no matter what the stigma of medication is–it CAN work, and no one has the right to tell you it doesn’t. Keep your heads up, friends.

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On Morality

I picked up a hitchhiker tonight. It’s freezing outside—it didn’t occur to me NOT to stop and offer help. If it matters to you–Yes, I was alone. Yes, I’m a woman. And yes, I was unarmed. But I stopped anyway. Continue reading

Bring It. You Can’t Even Touch Me.

Author’s note: Sometimes I need a reminder that I am indestructible. I figure that if I need it, others might need it too. So here’s a re-post. Obviously I wrote it when I was still teaching teenagers, but that makes it no less powerful. Whatever you’re going through– head up. You have not come so far to fail now.

I am invincible. I have stood on mountains of my own making, built and scaled in the name of what I could be. What I am. I have lived lives you would not dream of, screamed in the face of whatever reality has tried to lower me to standards that are less than worthy, and defeated foes that tried so desperately to crush me in a million ways. I have stomped down on anything that was beneath me and made myself greater than what was expected. I am the rock that withstands fires, the tree that withstands floods, and the soul that withstands whatever baseless and basic slings that you would throw at me. I have overcome every obstacle, screamed in defiance against every turmoil, and I have succeeded. I am more than whatever you see in me. I am a rage and fire that you cannot even sense, hidden behind something that is so much more than what you perceive. I am greatness. Continue reading

Victory at Last!


The Last Faoii is officially worthy of select publication. Everyone who pre-ordered will get their signed copies (and those who order in the next month, as well). It will be available as print-on-demand on Amazon. It will be a real, true book. And I am nearly speechless…

Five years of working on this. 200 agents that either said “no thanks” or nothing at all. Dozens of re-writes. Thousands of moments of doubt. All of it has finally come to this. No matter what happens now, this book will be a physical, real thing. People will be able to read Kaiya’s story. Her world will not be lost to oblivion.
Thanks to all of you.
I can not adequately explain my feelings on the matter. For so long, this has been my everything. And now there’s finally a chance of it becoming more than that. Mostly, I feel humbled. Elated. Terrified. Alive.
It is wonderful.
The battle isn’t over, of course. There’s still a couple weeks left in the Geek and Sundry Contest. It’s going to be hard– damn near impossible, actually– but according to the rejection-letter-origami-zoo I have sitting in my office, so was getting this far. “Impossible” is just a word, and not one that is in faoii vocabulary.
We’ve made it this far. We can take that hill, and we can still claim more victories in the final month before the campaign ends. The idea of “failure” is officially behind us– there is no losing now.
Fight on, Faoii. I have never been so proud of this army as I am now.
Thank you for everything.