Remembering Intellectual Pursuits

Today I forgot my phone at home. So I read the one book that I happened to have with me. Fahrenheit 451.

I read it twice in that short amount of time. And I remembered. Continue reading


My Personal Depression Symptoms (and How I Deal With Them)

It’s been a while since I posted anything about Depression, but today I want to talk about different symptoms that my personal anxiety/depression portrays, and how I deal with each of them. As always, this is my personal experience and does not describe every person’s depression. But hopefully my willingness to talk about things makes it easier for other people to do so, too. Thus, feel free to comment, share or discuss the topics here if you feel comfortable doing so. It’s a reminder that there IS help available out there, you’re not alone, and–no matter what the stigma of medication is–it CAN work, and no one has the right to tell you it doesn’t. Keep your heads up, friends.

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Today I Had An Abortion

Author’s Note: This is not my story, but the woman that reached out to me wishes to help break the stereotype around her ectopic pregnancy and subsequent termination of the fetus while remaining anonymous. She and I both hope that sharing this will mean that others will not be so afraid to seek help and comfort for their own stories. Also, for those who would judge her for this– you have no choice but to direct your hate and anger at me. I am happy to do this for her.

Take care. I love you all. -T

Today I found out I was pregnant.

It wasn’t the happy, pee-on-a-stick-and-wait-impatiently-for-that-blue-line-to-appear type of discovery. It wasn’t the nervously-surprise-your-husband-then-burst-into-happy-tears sort of day.

It was a I’ve-been-bleeding-for-three-weeks-and-went-to-the-doctor type of pregnancy.

For the record, those aren’t the good kind. Continue reading

Yes, I’m Afraid. But Not Just of “Them.”

As I look through my wordpress feed, my facebook feed, my twitter feed, and basically any other place where people feel safe to speak freely– I realize that there are others out there who can say what I’m about to try to say much more eloquently than I can.

But, there are also a lot of people out there who write like they licked a light socket covered with lead paint, so I figured I’d give it a go. Continue reading

“But What If You’re Raped?”

I have no idea why I’m roped into the topic of abortion as often as I am. But I’ll tell you what I tell everyone else: Politically, I don’t think I can ever tell someone else what is best for their baby, their body, or their future. It is not my place to support a black-and-white law that affects thousands of people I don’t know and whose stories I don’t have business knowing. Personally, however, I’m not sure I can ever see myself in a situation where an abortion is the solution. A lot of people accept this response and say they understand it. Every now and again, though, I get someone who’s pro-choice and they hear the last part and jump in with “but what if you’re raped??”

First of all, I already said that I’m pro-choice and your hypothetical involving the worst possible scenario are not welcome or helpful. Using such a tragedy that happens to thousands of people every year should not help your case in any way, and I kind of hate pro-choicers who take this route. But you know what? Fine. Let’s answer your question. Continue reading