On the Tyranny of the Two-Party System

Bernie Sanders was in my city tonight. His speech, his energy, and the excitement of the people that crammed themselves into the too-small space so they could support him in our incredibly-conservative city was… amazing. Empowering. And it got me thinking about politics. And the fear that comes with that. Continue reading


The Fight Continues

This is short update on the various posts about mental health and treatment  that I’ve been putting up over the last couple of weeks.

First, I want to say that my medication is working well, and life is… good. I haven’t had any suicidal thoughts in almost a week, and I feel certain again that I can face any challenge that comes my way. I smile more, and things don’t seem as overwhelming. I’m back to looking forward to challenges and overcoming difficulties. I’m writing again. And I remember what it is to feel unbreakable. There are some cracks in the armor, still, but I at least feel like they’re repairable. Every day is a little bit better. And, more importantly, I’m still trying to make it better for other people that suffer from depression in my community. For the first time in a long time I feel like I can do something about it. I don’t feel weak and insignificant anymore. I don’t feel like I’m unworthy of change. Continue reading

I Tried to Get Help Today. This is How That Went.

I suffer from depression. I am not ashamed of that. Nor am I ashamed that I sometimes need medication to help me through darker points in my life. It has taken me many years and a lot of self-reflection to get to the point that I feel comfortable enough to say all of this. It’s taken a lot for me to get to where I don’t judge myself every time I admit that I suffer from a mental health disorder. Which is why I’m still working on not expecting horrible judgments when I talk to others about it.

But there are some places that you can go knowing that you won’t get judged. Today, when I realized I needed help, I went to my local hospital. I thought I’d get the help I needed there. I thought I’d be treated with respect for admitting I had a problem that I couldn’t fix on my own. I thought a lot of things. Continue reading

On Depression and Daylight

This is a shout-out to anyone out there who suffers from depression and who is beginning to notice the adverse effects of shorter days and longer nights: It’s okay. It is completely normal for your depression to worsen during these darker months, and it’s not something you should be ashamed or frightened of. It doesn’t mean that you did anything wrong or that you’re messed up.

I promise: we’re going to get through this. Continue reading